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Hat Attack

April 29, 2010
I’ve been gifting a lot of hats lately. I think it reflects my inner desire to expand my own hat collection. As I’m always a fan of flattering my best assets and minimizing my so-called flaws, hats have always been an important part of my wardrobe. You see, my head has kind of a funny pointy shape on top and a strange sloping action going on in the back. As a result my hair doesn’t naturally fall in a flattering way. Hats are my secret solution to hiding my odd-shaped head and consequently, I’ve always been told that I look good in hats (I’m not making this up).
Anyway, here are my top hat picks for spring:
Spring Hats 2010
Items in this set:
Albertus Swanepoel, Wimbledon straw boater, $465
Juicy Couture, Open Weave Straw Fedora, $58
Topshop, Plain straw trilby hat, $36
Grace, Perforated fedora hat, $41
Albertus Swanepoel, Blixen cotton-blend fedora, $395
Topshop, Diamond straw trilby hat, $40
Tilly’s, Straw women’s fedora, $12.99
Eugenia Kim, Max 11 straw fedora, $300
John Lewis, Kate stripe band trilby hat, 25 GBP
Eugenia Kim, Max straw toyo hat, $295
Stetson, Striped grosgrain-and-straw fedora with leather, $175
Christy’s, Stingy brim fedora, $70
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  1. April 29, 2010 5:28 PM

    I dont wear hats, but i do like the ones from Rod Keenan (… quality like-style hats. They used to carry this line at Barneys.

  2. April 29, 2010 10:58 PM

    ooh, i really like. i’ll have to keep an eye out. thanks for the tip!

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