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The 26th Contestant

January 7, 2010

I watched the pilot of the new season of The Bachelor while running on the treadmill at LA Fitness the other day. I’ve never followed The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, but I couldn’t change the channel so I watched it. There was way too much glorification of Jake-the-Pilot for the first half hour, but I have to admit it got pretty entertaining once the girls started arriving on the scene, mostly because I was busy checking out all of their fashion choices. I got to thinking, “If I were a contestant on The Bachelor, what would I wear?”

Perhaps something like this:

Elegant Evening
Items in this set:
Halston, Strapless Silk Gown, 2,776 GBP
Rettore Topaz Earrings at Barneys New York, $5,650
Roberto Cavalli, Hinged Bracelet, $433
Tasha, Facted Bangle Bracelet
Bottega Veneta, Satin Woven Box Clutch, 710 GBP
Barneys, Ring, $5,550
Banana Republic, Necklace
InStyle Editor Picks, Satin pump, $248
or an edgier look like this:
Edgy Evening
Items in this set:
Matthew Williamson, Geometric Beading Georgette Column Dress, 1,695 GBP
Bettina, Chandelier Earrings, $395
Potluck Paris Jewelry, Splin Strass Bronze Bracelet, $394
Sevan Theodora, Ring, $8,300
John Hardy, 18k-gold Dot Cuff, $1,995
Alexander McQueen, Black Skull Diamante Clutch, 695 GBP
Shahzades Cradle, $700
Alexander McQueen, Platform sandals, $465
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