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2010 Style Resolutions

January 1, 2010

Source: T Magazine

  1. Wear more pants. People have been commenting on the lack of pants in my daily ensembles. This is sad especially considering I have like 50 pairs of jeans.
  2. Buy comfortable shoes. I know that people say “true fashionistas” know how to suffer for fashion, and when I was younger I mostly agreed. But these days I’m finding myself leaning heavily on my comfy staples, mostly flat boots and cushy platforms with lots of foot-hugging support, and my killer heels aren’t getting any game time. Time to stop buying useless shoes, no matter how “too die for” they seem at first glance.
  3. Add more accessories and less clothing items to my wardrobe. Ever since I moved I don’t have nearly the amount of closet space that I used to. I need to do some closet clearance before I can let myself buy more clothes.
  4. Don’t wait. This year I’ve passed up on several fantastic pieces because I thought they would go on sale only to find them completely soldout in a matter of days. A sales girl told me it was because of the recession; she explained that stores are getting fewer items in each size because retail sales are down. Until the economy picks up, I’m not going to take any chances. Disclaimer: this only applies to items I will absolutely regret not snagging.
  5. Revitalize my existing wardrobe. I never feel right saying “I have nothing to wear!” even though I often think it. Because truth of the matter is, I have plenty of things to wear, and then some. This year I’m going to try harder to make what I already have work for me. Like instead of waiting to wear that one skirt that still has the tags on because I don’t have the “right” top to go with it, I’m going to find a top that kinda works and rock it. Who knows, I may be on to something brilliant.

Happy new year everyone!

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