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September 4, 2009


It’s Labor Day weekend (and I’m off work early today!) so we’ll all have plenty of time to lounge by the pool or on the beach and read:


  • I often experience mild frustration at the disconnect between what’s fashionable and what’s attractive to men (especially when I wear my patent leather strappy platforms that make all my male friends laugh). This article in the Daily Mail attempts to explore why this is the case.
  • The steady encroachment of reality TV cameras into the fashion world ruins it for me, but at the same time I devour those tacky shows. Torn!
  • I’ve lived most of my life in CA so I’ve never heard of Syms, but after reading this feature story I’m curious. I think my boyfriend needs some dress pants so I’ll be checking it out next time I’m in NYC. Oh and the best quote from the article: “Pink Crocs for $14.99 hung like wads of chewed-up bubble gum next to a wall of handbags, some pretty, some looking as if they had been designed by a drunk Lauren Conrad with a crayon.” Paints a perfect picture, no?
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