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Fit to Flatter

August 27, 2009

[source: Stella Mccartney at Gilt]


I feel like wide-leg pants were invented for shorter people like me. I know that sounds counter-intuitive because when executed incorrectly a short person in wide-leg pants could appear to be hopelessly drowning in fabric. But my body is perfectly suited for the style because while my legs are indeed short my torso is actually relatively long. In wide-leg pants paired with a high platform heel my lower body is elongated achieving an appropriate torso-to-leg ratio. Furthermore, wide-leg pants with a high waist accentuate my hourglass shape by highlighting my small middle and taking the focus away from my (in my opinion) wide shoulders. As a result I always get comments like “Did you lose weight?” or “Girl, you need to eat!” Oppositely, in skinny jeans I have nowhere to hide my uneven proportions to a not-so-flattering effect.


I think many people are afraid to try wide-leg pants because the look can be somewhat dramatic. But I love them and I’d be more than happy to look chic and elegant in my wide-leg pants while everyone else runs around trying to look good in skinnies. Good luck!

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