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Unenthused About Gilt Fuse

August 21, 2009


Now you all know how much I love Gilt but the recent launch of Gilt Fuse has left me underwhelmed and frankly somewhat bored. I feel like they should have waited until they had more exciting brands to offer before launching this much anticipated sister site. So far none of the Gilt Fuse sales have really caught my attention. I find myself browsing them idly without much purpose or inspiration. A lackluster experience at best.


Here’s the list of upcoming sales so you can see what I mean. I only added one, the Black Halo sale on the 26th, to my calendar.


Luckily the original Gilt is still a winner. Like today for instance, they featured a fantastic pre-fall boot sale that made me drool in a decidedly unladylike manner. Also I do applaud Gilt Groupe for allowing members to have instant access to without having to sign up separately. And I was pleased to discover that the invite link and account credit are entirely interchangeable between the two sites.


So in my conclusive opinion, despite my unenthusiastic review of Gilt Fuse, Gilt Groupe is still the top dog when it comes to sample sale sites. Now if only they would hire me as a business strategist…

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