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Viva Las Vegas!

May 29, 2009


Going to Vegas this weeked with the girls. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!


As I was packing last night and trying to plan my outfits for the entire weekend, I was particularly inspired by a black sequined micro mini that I bought a while back but haven’t had a chance to debut. Truth be told, it’s actually a tube top but I think it works infinitely better as a skirt. I haven’t incorporated it into any of my outfits yet because it’s difficult for me to feel comfortable wearing something that short, tight and flashy out and about in Los Angeles since I’m not a celebrity or a stripper. But in Vegas anything goes, right? Also one of my girlfriends has vowed to be the Keeper of the Sexy–she’s bringing her ruler and if our skirts are not short enough I swear she’ll shred them!


In conclusion, there is no better time for me to break out the sequined micro mini. And while I don’t expect to look as hot as Anja Rubik in these Guiseppe Zanotti ads, I’m going for something along these lines:


[source: FabSugar]


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