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Bucket List

May 19, 2009

[source: New York Times, pool photo by Martin Bureau]


Someday I hope I get a chance to go to the Cannes Film Festival. It is a lifelong dream of mine. It is everything I love: fashion, films and France. Fabulous.


The festival is going on now and I so wish I could be there. But I can’t. So I’m resigned to reading all the coverage on it that I can find and living vicariously through reporting and photos.


I like this article from the New York Times:

The Fashion That Is Uniquely Cannes


Nothing like a trip abroad to broaden fashion horizons. And nowhere is forward fashion thinking more favorably looked upon, and sometimes forgiven, than in France. “Here in Cannes,” said the Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, “it’s all more open and lively: it’s more like actresses take real control of their own style, and building up their own character. For me, this is very inspiring, because there is nothing that I love more than a woman with a strong personality.”


“There is an air of fun at Cannes — it is the Mediterranean spirit,” said Mr. Armani. “This is after all a place forever associated with starlets on the Croisette and the youthful Brigitte Bardot on the beach.”


The choice by many of the celebrities to wear one-of-a-kind ensembles throughout the festival shows that the movies are still a sort of dream factory and the stars still symbols of that dream.


The big awards season red carpets are boring for me. Sure, everyone looks fabulous, but they’re all so heavily produced like a big blockbuster summer movie with over-done special effects. But at the Met Gala and Cannes, at these kinds of artistic events, the styles you see are creative and personal and daring. So much more exciting in my opinion.


So stay tuned. Photo coverage to come.

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