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What Boys Like

May 4, 2009


I’m kind of notorious for choosing fashions that appeal to other women rather than men. I prefer to look fashion-forward as opposed to looking cute or sexy. I like to receive compliments from chic women more than I like being checked out by googly-eyed boys. In fact, my male friends often tease me about my “Dominatrix” black patent leather platform sandals or my wide “Wrestlemania” belt. And I just shrug it off.

But there is one boy whose opinion does matter: my (wonderful, sweet, studly) boyfriend.

This Saturday we went shopping at 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and he really seemed to like me in Max Studio. The only time I’ve ever made a purchase from Max Studio was when I bought a sweater for my mom one Christmas. But his admiring gaze almost made me want to buy the entire Summer collection. Fortunately, I had enough self-control to limit myself to a pair of great tan sandals with a sexy wooden heel. But it’s safe to say that I’ll probably be shopping at Max Studio more often from now on.


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