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The Sartorialist

April 21, 2009


…is still my favorite street style blog.


I like the stories behind the photos. It’s not just about how fabulous the subjects look, though they always look stunning. There’s always a moment or a thought or a particular story that is being captured and expressed through the image.


And The Sartorialist knows how to edit. It’s about quality not quantity, as cliche as that may sound. Sort of the same reason that I like Barneys but hate Macy’s.


Anyways, enjoy some of my sartorial favorites:


I love how the girl on the right brightens up a totally classic and neutral trench with a pop of color. The second girl lost all of her hair due to chemotherapy. But the treatments were successful and not only did she get her gorgeous hair back, she got a new lease of life.


These pictures remind me of my two greatest wants at the moment: a dramatic coat and a bigger bag.


Black tights are such a staple in my wardrobe. I couldn’t live without them.


Have you ever noticed that this shade of grey always looks better on blondes? It must be the ‘Hitchcock blonde’ effect.


It doesn’t really get any easier or breezier than these. Gorgeous.

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  1. beeberoni permalink
    April 22, 2009 1:24 PM

    i am obsessed with the sartorialist!! and my favorite of all time is that amazing blue coat. i want it.


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