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Do What You Love

March 14, 2009



In recent news:

American Apparel Sells Stake to Lion Capital


If I had gone to Wharton instead of studying communications I would want to end up somewhere in this cast of characters–specifically at Lion, a private equity firm that invests in consumer brands. A career in invesing…in fashion! Hmm…maybe it’s not too late?

By the way, Lion also invests in Jimmy Choo!


Some other examples:

Private equity firms ready to cash in on luxury brands 


Private equity firms, lured by luxury brands’s global sales of more than €106 billion a year and the double, sometimes triple-digit growth rates in major world economies, are ready to spend vast sums on luxury goods brands.

Since 2001 the influx of private equity into the fashion sector has been driven by opportunities to turn underexposed or emerging brands into global phenomena…

…one of the biggest risks for private equity acquisitions like the Valentino group is whether a brand can survive after it is detached from its founder. “There are aspects of Italian brands that are linked to the founder or family which made it prosper. These are intangibles and it is impossible to say if they will continue when they are no longer there”…


But that’s what makes it such an irresistably delicious challenge.

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