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Bebe is the new Gucci?

March 2, 2009


Say what?


Yes, that’s what Booth Moore seems to think:


To her credit, Frida Giannini started doing the whole rock star thing long before everyone else climbed on the bandwagon this season. The problem is that she’s never been able to elevate the look to the realm of luxury. So Gucci continues to look like Bebe with a bigger budget.

                                                                                                                [Booth Moore, All the Rage]


Seriously? Now, I’m not even a fan of Gucci but I absolutely have to disagree. I think the Gucci style of this and recent seasons is extremely commercial and therefore maybe not the most cutting edge in terms of visionary fashion innovation, but to say it looks cheap is more sensational than fair.


[source: and]

The difference to me is pretty obvious. More evidence here: Gucci vs. Bebe


Mass merchandisers can and will mimic the style of labels like Gucci because it sells. This is not to criticize merchandisers like Bebe for their lesser quality or lack of originality. But rather it is to say that popular appeal doesn’t necessarily cheapen fashion. Fashion is all about the trickle down effect–from high to low, from the elite to the masses. A designer doesn’t “make it” unless they reach the level of buzz that can only come from widespread brand recognition.


I’m tired of listening to the elitists who believe that high fashion and commercial fashion can only exist in separate universes. I’m also fed up with the cynics at the other end of the spectrum who generalize that high fashion is just commercial fashion with inflated prices.

The latter opinion offends my understanding of fashion as art.

The former offends my understanding of fashion as life.


Besides, good style is about wearing Gucci or Bebe or both without EVER looking cheap.

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  1. March 4, 2009 9:24 PM

    while the prints weren’t stellar. the coats, jackets and Suits were fantastic. shoes and bags are Gucci’s current strong point and those were wonderful. (commerically speaking)

    check my site out

  2. March 4, 2009 9:26 PM

    i added a @ instead of an dot.

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