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What is Business Casual?

February 27, 2009
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I have a job interview coming up in a couple of weeks! Eek!

What to wear? What to wear?! (Of course that would be my first thought.)


I’m meeting the CEO of the company, so I need to look professional and make a standout first impression. But it’s a small PR firm and I’m meeting him on a Friday after lunch so I don’t want to overdress. What’s the perfect outfit?

Tough call. I had to browse my image archives for some inspiration.


I could go for a polished, feminine look as such:

These are so pretty, but maybe a bit too pretty.


The opposite approach might look something like this:

But in dark tones and killer heels I might look a bit too fierce for a first impression with a potential employer.


What if I take a more classic menswear approach?

I think it’s “fashion-y” enough without making too bold of a statement.


I can’t decide! They’re all so inspiring!


Wouldn’t it be just like me to forget to print out my resume for the interview after all this agonizing over an outfit?

But what can I say? Fashion first!

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