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Silver Lining

February 25, 2009


I’ve discovered the silver lining to this dark economic cloud that looms over our nation: Airfare sales.

I just bought a super cheap ticket to visit New York for already the 2nd time in 2009. This could become a monthly habit if the ticket prices stay in the $250 range.

Once again I went a little nuts with Open Table reservations. Did you know that some restaurants offer 1000 point reservations at odd times? And just 2000 points earns you a $20 giftcard! How awesome is that. Being the frugal fashionista that I am, I take whatever I can to save towards achieving my ever-increasing closet ambitions.

So first up on Friday we’re going to have lunch at Cornelia Street Cafe.

It’s not one of the 1000 point reservations but doesn’t it just look amazing? The photos are from this great review on gothamist.


I haven’t made a reservation for Friday evening yet.


Saturday morning brunch will be at Cafe des Artistes. It was voted one of the most romantic restaurants in NY and we didn’t make it the last time I was in the city even though I had made a reservation then too.

[source: the weblicist]


Another place I’ve been dying to try is Wallsé–ever since I saw this photo on

The decor, especially that painting on the white brick wall, is brilliant!


Also lunching at The Smith.

[source: gothamist]


And dining at Nero D’ Avola. The website has a gorgeous photo gallery.


Hurray for wannabe-foodie ambitions!

Reviews to come post-trip.

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