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Closet Ambitions

January 1, 2009



My name is Joyce and I go by joiji, sometimes. I live in Los Angeles, CA in a teeny tiny studio apartment with three–that’s right, count ’em–THREE closets.

But alas, my many closets cannot contain the entirety of all that I find beautiful, interesting, glamorous, chic and fabulous.

Perhaps this blog can.


They say the key to a writing a successful (whatever that means) blog is to find a niche and fill it. But I hardly think I fit in any niche, so I won’t bother trying to limit myself. Rather, I fully intend to write about whatsoever happens to inspire/provoke/distract/educate/enlighten/beguile me. That will inevitably include the occasional news commentary, book/film review, design discovery, art critique, foodie find, philosophical question, et cetera.

And, of course, fashion. Always, always fashion.



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  1. March 13, 2009 2:02 AM

    that’s the way to do it =)

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